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A Scavenger Hunt to Explore the Copper Mountain Music Festival 2017

This past weekend, attendees of Copper Mountain Music Festival dipped and ducked around Center Village ticking off activities in a mountain-wide scavenger hunt. Follow along in our own virtual scavenger hunt as we explore Copper and the companies that helped made Copper Mountain Music Festival awesome.

Snow in July! Touch the Snow at Woodward, Copper’s Big Island Park, and watch a trick or two. SNOW IN JULY! The Elevation Outdoors tent was right in front of Copper’s Big Island Park, an incredible feat of human intelligence that keeps snow ridable through July and beyond.




Pack a Sea To Summit Ultra Light Hammock. When Sea to Summit says ultra light, they aren’t telling a hilarious joke, they mean it. This hammock is 5.4 ounces. That’s the weight of adding a banana to your pack. They even have a yellow one to help wrap your brain around how small it is.




Try a pair of La Sportiva demo shoes. The best way to know if a shoe is a perfect fit is to wear it around for the day, instead of just a few minutes at the shoe store. We got to experience Copper Mountain Music Festival from the comfort of some of La Sportiva’s best trail hikers.




Tour the Live Outside and Play Van. We had our home on display for everyone to peek into. We pulled the Rovr out and gave everyone the very quick tour: “Here is our fridge, here is our bed, that is our closet.” That’s about it!





Listen to some tunes while demoing a Crazy Creek chair. Why sit on the ground when you can sit in a Crazy Creek Original Chair? It’s comfy, and everyone can still see the musicians tear it up on stage.






Taste some Mountain House freeze dried food. We sampled four different flavors of Mountain House and went back for seconds. Who needs lunch when you can have unlimited samples?






Find your Maptch with Nat Geo Maps This was a game within a game! Find the other festival attendee with the same number written on your Nat Geo sticker and you both get a prize! We made new friends, and don’t need cell service for our adventures anymore!


Tow a RovR RollR 80. This cooler is so easy to pull around, you can even do it with your bike. Use the basket on top for your blankets and you only have to make one trip to your campsite. Or put a human on top and only one of you has to do any work.





Guess the weight of a Lowe Alpine Pack. We had a Lowe Alpine Ascent Superlight 30 for you to step right up and guess the weight. Take a guess right now! Stop reading and guess how much it would be. Okay, we’ll tell you, only 20.5 ounces for a whole backpack.





Learn how Lifestraw is changing the world through their #Followtheliters program. Lifestraw makes contaminated water safe to drink, which is invaluable to developing communities. They’ve gotten clean water to 629,455 students, and that number is only growing. Learn more about their Follow the Liters program here.




Copper Mountain is a wonderful community and having a festival there only made that more evident. Copper Mountain Music Festival was extremely family friendly, relaxed, and even us outsiders felt like a part of the community. Not only was the festival wonderful, but Copper has plenty of summer activities to enjoy. Try out the go carts, or do a few laps on their downhill biking trails, you won’t be disappointed.

We have a BUNCH of community events coming up! Please come see us in Frisco on Thursday, July 13th, where you can ask us any and all things about living in a van. Then on Saturday, July 15th, for a group camp out outside of Boulder. The next day we will be up and at ’em doing trail maintenance on the Switzerland Trail with the Forest Service. You’re invited to all of it!

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