This coming Sunday is Fathers Day. It’s a day when we all recognize the often-silent sentinels of the family unit. The men, who cut the grass, take out the garbage, and futile attempt to repair broken pipes under the sink. Or, at least that’s how it is in my house. As the father of two teenage girls the fairer sex has outnumbered me for the last eighteen and a half years. It has taught me humility, patience, and most importantly when to enjoy the little things in life.


One of the finer things I have discovered is fine whisky. Just a tumbler with a few ice cubes and a healthy splash of booze, and all of my worries disappear. It’s wonderful. But, with ever escalating prices on all things whiskey these days, plus a preponderance of new items hitting the shelves it can be hard to find one that that is worthy of gifting to your father, or to the father of your children. But, that’s where we can help. Here are three fine scotches you can confidently give that are smooth as silk, and won’t break your wallet.


Known as the “Golden Dram” 12 year-old Aberfeldy has been being distilled in the Highlands of Scotland since 1898. The stills only went dark during both of the World Wars when the demand for barley as a food source led to led to the distillery being shut down. Besides those two times this fine spirit has been available mostly in Europe. It recently won the award fro “Best Highland Single Malt 12 Year and Under” at the World Whiskey Awards. It’s smoky with hints of sherried fruits, and an excellent sweet peaty aftertaste. Best of all it’s only $45.

Aberfeldy 12 bottle


It’s not often that you can find a new single malt scotch, but luckily the MacDuff distillery, a 52-year-old distillery in the Highland Region of Scotland, has just released Deveron. Called the “clam from the storm” single malt it is distilled right next to where the River Deveron meet’s the North Sea. It’s smooth drinking single malt that goes down smooth and is perfect for sipping next to a fire pit in your campsite, or the fake fire on TV during Christmastime. For only $45 you can grab Dad a bottle of the 12-year-old or for $110 you can drop the 18-year-old on him.

Deveron 12

Lastly is the Highland scotch that is called “The King’s own Whiskey.” For over 200 years Royal Brackla has been distilling some of the finest spirits in the entire United Kingdom. Operating with a royal warrant (the first ever bestowed upon a single malt) it gives you the opportunity to gift Pop’s with a scotch that has been the favorite of several King’s, and Queen’s over the decades. It is a heavily sherried whiskey that has a lingering gentle finish. It is offered in 12yr, 16 yr., and 21-year-old expressions at $54, $130, & $225 respectively.


So give Dad the gift you know he will love this year, give him some fine scotch.