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Hernandez Leads Pro Slacklining Tour

Abraham Hernandez - Slaklining Star

As a follow-up top a recent blog “Slacklining Goes Profesional” we wanted to inform you of the exciting outcome involving a young Chilean who is rocking the slacklining world. Abraham Hernandez is a part of the Slackline Industries Pro-Elite team. A newcomer to the scene in 2015, Hernandez achieved third place at the 2015 World Championships and took home first place in the (first ever) Online Trickling Championships. The latter, made possible by the new rules and regulations, launched him into the world slacklining elite.  By opening up the competition to a global field and allowing for online judging via the new standards (ISI), an athlete such as Abraham was afforded the opportunity of a lifetime, and he’s taking full advantage of it.

Slacklining at the GoPro Mountain Games

This past June 9-12, the  Summer GoPro Mountain Games came to Vail, CO. where among other mountain athletes, the professional slackliners showcased their talent.  Hernandez, speaking only his native Spanish on his first ever visit to the U.S.,  not only took first place at the Mountain Games, but he shattered the standing record for highest score achieved in 2016 by over 150 points. With an astounding score of 584.8, Hernandez earned first place and set the bar for the highest score ever achieved in the (new) ISI Judging System. Finishing in second place, was Teruto Tanaka from Japan, with a score of 489.85, which would have also surpassed the high mark for the year. You can check him out in action here. Finishing in third place, and also representing Japan, was Haruki Kinoshita, posting a score of 467.2.  You can check his moves out here. The highest finishing United States-born slackliner was Alex Mason, from Berkeley, CA., who posted a score of 443.87, good for 5th place.

Check out a video highlight reel from the recent Mountain Games. Our featured athlete, Abraham Hernandez, is the first to appear and is wearing the number 3.

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