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Rivers of Ribbon

Rock Art: Jona-Marie Price above it all.

The Rivers of Ribbon Project combines climbing and art.

Climber, model and performance artist Jona-Marie Price partnered with Manitou Springs, Colorado resident and photographer Tim Banfield to create fine art in high places. Inspired by the prayer flags of Nepal, her Rivers of Ribbon project kicked off in Ouray last year where Price, draped in flowing pink, purple and teal fabric ribbons, hung 150 feet off the ground on a static rope suspended from the upper bridge in the Ice Park.

The pair has since done shoots in Utah and Arizona, including the Virgin River Gorge and the Corona Arch in Moab, where Price was accompanied by a slackliner, and the Black Canyon down river from the Hoover Dam. At press time, they were in Nepal working on a series of Price dangling from the suspension bridges on the treks at Everest Basecamp.

Banfield says they deal with the typical challenges of outdoor photography including lugging a ton of gear (photography and climbing) into remote locations, waiting for optimal natural light and coping with unpredictable wind conditions (particularly problematic for the ribbons). But beyond the elements, the trickiest part is acquiring permits.

Price, who worked as a fine art dealer in Las Vegas and is financing this project herself, admits she’s not exactly sure what will come of their efforts, but that the end goal is not the point. “We are making art,” she says. “And there is no end goal in that other than the journey itself.”

Check out Banfield’s gallery-in-progress at                        

—J. M.

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