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Gear Spotlight: BioLite FirePit+

I love a good, multi-functional piece of gear. And when that gear makes a good time for our friends and family even better, it quickly rises to the top of my favorites list. That’s where the BioLite FirePit+ comes in. Paired with their Cooking Kit and Cook Accessory Kit, deliciously good times are sure to be had by all. 

Why We Love It


It’s a fire pit! No, it’s a grill! No! It’s a backup battery pack!! But wait, it’s all three! Like I mentioned, I appreciate good gear. And when that gear that is rugged enough to handle me (and my family), and I can be used in a variety of applications, I’m in. The BioLite FirePit+ can cook your dinner, recharge your device, and keep you warm…all at the same time!


Whether we were burning wood or using charcoal, our cook and burn times were wonderfully efficient. The integrated battery pack fan also assisted with getting the charcoal up to temperature much faster than a conventional charcoal grill (which the kids really appreciated!). And for those wondering if it has “smokeless” efficiency, the answer is yes. But to achieve the most smokeless experience, we used smaller pieces of wood to help with an efficient burn. We still experienced some smoke, but it seemed well-contained and less than other fire pits, thanks to the airflow system.


We can take this fire pit just about anywhere. Camping for a weekend, fishing for the afternoon, apres ski vibe as the season closes out…the list goes on. This fire pit features collapsable legs, making it easy to pack in the trunk or bed of the truck. And, the trap door on the bottom is a huge plus for easy cleanout after use. We also really liked the Prep & Grill Toolkit, which includes stainless steel spatula, tongs, knife and roll-up storage mat. While we prefer to clean things off before we pack them up, the roll-up mat made it easy to throw used grill tools into the truck without the dogs licking them the whole way home.

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