Whether you are getting down in the parking lot or headed off to enjoy the benefits of Colorado’s latest legislation, this stuff will help get your après on.

1. Outdoor Research FeedBack Flannel

Grunge never had performance fabrics like you will find here—this flannel wicks mositure and drys fast, so that you can wear it straight from the lift to the BBQ and won’t have to worry about spills.$79; outdoorresearch.com

2. Crazy Creek Air Chair Plus

Easy to keep in the back of your car, this chair/air-mattress serves double duty—chill in front of the hibatchi in the A-Basin parking lot while you are apre-ing. Crash on the floor on it later. $125; crazycreek.com

3. OT Turtle Shell Boombox

There’s no party without the tunes and these wirless speakers make it easy to bring your playlist anywhere from the parking lot to the hut. $150; outdoortechnology.com

4. Infinite Monkey Theory Wine in Cans

Somewhere between PBR and the wine cooler, lies the oentological can. The Back Alley red is ideal for post pow decompression or just head to IMT’s new Denver digs.$6; infinitemonkeytheorem.com

5. Bulumu Cinnamon Chai Walnut Granola

Sure, Bulumu was created by two Colorado triathletes who wanted to put nutrition into food to improve training and performance. But it might also be the best munchie food of all time. bulumugranola.com