Wellness…Well, Yes!

This past year, we endured…a lot. And with 2021 proving trying (though, optimistic), taking time for ourselves and our families rises to the top of the priorities list. 

So, while this year will likely be another one for the record books, our family has searched for opportunities to focus on our mental and physical wellness. Quite honestly, it’s boiled down to two things: staying active outdoors and supporting our bodies/immune systems and minds.

While I am not a doctor and the statements below are not certified by Elevation Outdoors, FDA or any other associated entities, these are are some ways our family focuses on wellness.

Stay Active

As we hunker down for another stretch of this pandemic, staying active has proved both mentally and physically necessary for our family. Here are some of our methods for maintaining our sanity.

Go Outside 

When I was an outdoor educator, I led groups of children in a variety of pursuits – from wading creeks in search of macroinvertebrates to summiting 14ers. We also gave kids the time and space to sit or quietly explore outdoors spaces. Now, as a parent of a two and four year old, I make it a point to let my children just be outside. We take the time to sit in our own backyard to listen and look for wildlife, draw or write in a journal or read books together. By getting outside, my kids get a much-needed change of space (and sometimes, attitude adjustment) from the daily stay-at-home (and indoors) routine. 

For documenting our outdoor time, we use journals from the monthly subscription Log+Jotter. Each month, the small journals have a new theme and while my oldest loves “how they are the perfect size” for him (3x5in.), I love his continued interest in writing and drawing and my daughter’s recently-found interest!

Take Short Walks and Hikes

Since we can’t go on all-day adventures every day, we try to keep things simple – while maintaining movement – during the work week. Planning for an early afternoon outing away form the house gives us a way to break up the day and guarantee daily movement. It’s not glamorous, but a walk to the post office or around the neighborhood keeps our family active during the busy work week and until we can take bigger weekend. 

Our kiddos get ultimate warmth this time of year by suiting up in their Keen Kids winter boots and Ridge Merino Aspect Baselayers. Meanwhile, I have been loving the comfort, warmth and durability of my Kodiak Bralorne 8” Boot and every-day use of the Big Agnes Trudy jacket.

Explore Healthy Supplements

In addition to staying active, I have found that putting good foods and good supplements into my body helps maintain a holistic balance – especially this time of year. Any internet search will reveal a plethora of vitamin, mineral and holistic supplements available; and while I have not tried them all, I have found a couple that help me maintain balance. 

Protekt Resilient Oral Vitamin Tincture

Packed full of vitamins (B12, K2, D3), Protekt’s Resilient Oral Vitamin Tincture has become one of my favorite multi-vitamins. It tastes great and includes three important vitamins that support nerve health, circulatory health and overall immune system health. 

Sol Mountain Farm Daily Flow CBD Tincture

Made with organic CBD grown in Colorado’s San Luis Valley and Holy Basil (Tulsi), Angela Lee (Operations Manager at Sol Mountain Farm) shares that their straight-from-nature, Daily Flow CBD Tincture, is made via a “holistic crafting process that maintains the integrity and natural benefits of the raw materials (herbs, roots, local honey and propolis…”. As a resident of the SLV, I really appreciate the opportunity to support local farms and small businesses and Sol Mountain Farm is just that. This CBD tincture is another one of my daily go-to supplements. 

Make time for Comfort and Recovery

I am a strong believer in staying active as well as giving my body time to recover. While I’m still working on reducing screen time (admittedly, I likely follow the news way too much), I am increasing the time I spend journaling. I’ve found comfort in my favorite after-activity outfit (Chaco Chillos, Stio’s Turpin Sweat Pants and a Ridge Marino Solstice Lightweight Wool Hoody) and jotting down highlights from my day, like challenges and accomplishments.  

I’ve also increased my hot tea-intake, sipping Take Charge CBD tea by Sky and Wyatt for a midday boost and dandelion root/leaf tea for late-day comfort. 

My kiddos have also taken to short yoga sessions to decompress from their day and find some late-day calmness. 

Lessons Learned

The number one lesson our family is learning on this on-going journey to wellness is to do what works best for us and make it a routine. We’ve tried things that didn’t work and learned from those experiences. But by making daily walks (or bike rides), healthy food and supplements, and cozy recovery a healthy habit and routine, we increase our changes for wellness success!

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