Summer Gear You Need for Any Adventure

If the long, 4th of July holiday weekend didn’t prove it, the next impending heat wave certainly will: Summer is in full-swing! And, if you’re not having enough fun yet, this summer gear roundup is sure to give you some get-outside inspiration. Whether it’s a backyard hangout, an afternoon on the water, a mid-morning trail ride or a full-blown, week-long adventure, this gear will help get you out there and maybe even have a little more fun doing it…check it out!

Coalatree Kachula Adventure Blanket

The Coalatree Kachula Adventure Blanket is a rugged, go-anywhere piece of gear and quickly became my go-to since their first kickstarter so many years ago. Packable, water-resistant and durable enough to make it through years of abuse, dogs, kiddos and, let’s be honest, me! We literally don’t leave home without one. I’ve grabbed it for backyard hangouts, road trips, river days and more and it has survived the most demanding of family adventure days!

GCI SunShade Rocker

Have you ever wished you could sit outside under a cozy sunshade just rocking the day away? Well, the GCI SunShade Rocker is about to deliver just that! It’s the backyard/front porch/campsite/river beach chair I never knew I needed. Equipped with a phone pocket, cup holder, I have spent many hours rocking in this rig. It’s also super portable thanks to the folding/collapsible nature and carry bag.

HydroFlask Outdoor Kitchen Kit

The new HydroFlask Outdoor Kitchen kit includes a Personal Bundle and Serving Bundle…and we love BOTH! The Personal Bundle includes the 12oz Outdoor Tumbler, 10in Plate and 1qt Bowl (both with lids) and Flatwear Set so each guest/family member has their own serving layout and the Serving Bundle (3 and 5qt bowls with lids and Serving Spoons) can fit anything and everything from giant salads to stir-frys. We’ve used it from backyard cookouts to camper trips.

IceMule Jaunt

If you’re not carrying your bevies on your back, are you even doing summer right? I ask myself that daily, but then I quickly find the answer…on my back. I’ve been enjoy the IceMule Jaunt on quick river escapes and park hangouts. Best part? It keeps nonalcoholic bubble water just as cold as the adult beverages and for that, my kids thank you! More cold is more better and the Jaunt helps make it happen. The 15L holds a 12-pack or 4 bottles of wine, the 9L holds a 6-pack or 3 bottles of wine.

Island Beer

Island’s motto is “Crisp. Clean. Crushable”. And while we weren’t sure just how good it was going to be, we are happy to report: ALL of those boxes are officially checked off. The island lager is truly delicious and the fact that it’s made with no fillers, GMOs, preservatives, or artificial flavors makes us pretty dang happy, too!

Yeti 26oz Stackable Rambler

Want to know what I love most about the 26 oz Stackable Yeti Rambler? It’s a judgment-free zone. This straw-equipped insulated cup doesn’t care if you put lemon bubbles, lime bubbles, cocktails or simple hydrating water in it. It does the job and goes home happy. Every. Dang. Time. The 26 oz is my Rambler of choice. Why? I get all the liquid I need and it still fits in my cup holder!

Julbo Fury

Just like the various beers listed in this roundup, we have a couple pairs of shades that have risen to the top of our favorites list. For cycling, I’ve been searching the internet and bike shops for a fresh pair of shades that actually fit well under my helmet. I’m happy to report that the search has turned up some incredible results – including the Julbo Fury! Paired with the Spectron 3 lens, I have zero fogging and great visibility throughout my rides…all season long! 

Chamois Butt’r Coconut Anti-Chafe Creme and Skin Wash

Speaking of cycling, where’s that Chamois Butt’r at?! For five years, the Chamois Butt’r team worked to perfect their new Coconut Anti-Chafe creme – and finally did! Featuring Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin A & E, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree Oil (and free from parabens, phthalates, gluten or artificial fragrances), this version of Chamois Butt’r original cream feels amazing, smells amazing and pairs perfectly with long days in the saddle.

I’m also loving the Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash. While it’s perfect for the cyclists of the world (hello, bikepacking!) it’s also awesome for road trips and summertime camping. It smells incredible and takes care of removing all that sweaty grime that comes from good times in the sun!

Intex River Run Lounge

The Rio Grande gets a little lazy this time of year, making it perfect for cruising in our Intex River Run I Lounge inflatable float. The tube features a mesh bottom (which our kiddos love!), cup holder to keep your favorite beverage close, and grab handles for easy carry. While I wouldn’t suggest floating over a play wave in it, I still did…and had a blast!

FisheWear Dry Bag Backpack

I have taken my FisheWear Dry Bag Backpack just about everywhere! Whether I’m creek hopping or floating the river for the day, this bag has been along for the adventure. It features a 28L capacity so I can fit all of my essentials plus spare clothes and towels for the kiddos, padded shoulder straps for cozy carrying, and a small outer zipper pocket for my quick-grab essentials. It is truly a stellar bag for any day on the water.

Bajio Gates

Summer sun is no joke in Colorado. Our days are big, bright and 100% outdoors this time of year, so eye protection is a must. I’ve always been partial to glass lenses when I’m off-trail…until I tried on a pair of the recently released Bajio Gates sunglasses. This durable, plastic lens instantly became a new favorite. It’s light on my face, thanks to the bio-based nylon frame and the polarized lenses cuts glare and boosts clarity whether I am on land or water.

Gerber Fuse

If I’m being honest, I tend to lose pocket knives. I use it, set it down, and then I walk away. Oops. That’s why I like an option with a convenient pocket clip – like the Gerber Fuse. It’s simple, clean, has easy pocket carry – even in my short shorts! – and it’s a great economical choice. 

10 Barrel Hazy Trail IPA

There’s just something special about a day on the water (or trail) paired with a cold, crisp IPA. And if an extra juicy IPA is your jam, 10 Barrel has you covered with their Hazy Trail IPA. Featuring a soft malt profile with tropical hop flavor, the Hazy Trail has been one of several go-to cans in our cooler (side note: we’re also digging their latest Pilsner…just sayin’).

Summer isn’t over yet, so stay tuned for more gear reviews and round-ups…you never know just what we’ll get into out there!

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