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Mountain Stoke

Today is Friday. I’m always stoked for Friday, especially in the summer. My last post was a handful of great summer mountain bike trails. Since I lacked a surplus of photos (or more like I have so many photos that I couldn’t sort through thousands of photos to find the right one!), I asked my twitter followers to send me some of their favorite mountain photos.

The cool thing about these photos is that they aren’t all from Colorado, although a good chunk are.

Let your mind rest and eyes feast. Happy Friday!


Crested Butte


Scott’s photo-worthy


@looneysonya Crested Butte

Another Crested Butte shot amongst the flowers

@looneysonya Fav mountain photo

@looneysonya another Mtn Fav Spicer Res

Spicer Res California

@looneysonya I took this pics a couple yrs ago..


@looneysonya how about these looking down from Hidden Peak at Snowbird, Utah

Snowbird, UT



Bravo Steph!

Thank you to all who participated!

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