Sonya Looney

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Profiles in Motivation

A professional endurance mountain bike champ sought out women athletes in other extreme sports to determine how and why they set out to face fear—and win.

Pushed to the Limit: Endurance champ Sonya Looney goes...

What Happens When A Dedicated Endurance Mountain Bike Champ Decides To Set Her Sites On One Of The Toughest Enduro Races On The Planet?

Sand Trap

What do you face when you bike race across the Sahara? Think sand, wind, purple bunions and naked Euro dudes.

Fourteen Gifts for the Mountain Biker in Your Life

You love mountain biking. The people you love love mountain biking. And you have to buy them, and yourself, presents. Here's our top recommendations for the holiday season.

Focus On Your Process: Goal Setting Part 2

A lot of time people will reach their goal and then lose motivation. How many times have you wanted to lose 5 lbs, and but once you lose it, you go right back to your old eating and drinking habits? Do you know someone who trains for an event and once the finish, they quit training? The goal is their end point when it should be a stepping stone.

The Hidden Dangers of Goal Setting

I've been thinking a lot over the last couple of years about goals and expectations. If you have expectations that or too high or a goal that is too lofty, then you are disappointed with yourself. If your expectations aren't high enough, you may possibly not achieve your full potential and could be cheating yourself. Where are the lines between mediocrity, good, and exceptional?