Urge the US Forest Circus to Value Recreation!


The US Forest Circus invites public participation at a series of meetings nationwide as it drafts its “Forest Service Land and Resource Management Planning Rule”. Public input, among other factors, will determine the focus of the Rule, laying out USFS policy for the near future. It’s a great time to lend your voice and wisdom to the process. Climbers, mountain bikers, hikers, bird-watchers, nude sunbathers, the works…show up, speak up, build a better USFS.
I heard about the meetings through the American Mountain Guides Association and they’re urging members to advocate for an emphasis on the value of recreation, continued and expanded access to public lands, and support for the professional guiding industry as part of a comprehensive plan for good land stewardship.
Detailed information regarding the Planning Rule can be found here:


The schedule can be found here:


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