We love to climb, ski, ride, hike; in general, most of us would rather blow off the “real world” to get down in the outdoors. Go big and you’ll have to take a rest day once in a while, though, so here’s my plea for you to get in the garden and do yourself and the planet a favor.

Spring means turning soil and prepping your vast holdings for a super summer of home-ag. Yes, cultivate your own tomatoes, peppers, beans, basil, and lettuce and you’ll not only eat better, you’ll be healthier for it. Avoid some of the inflated prices at the farmers market and turn yourself into the ultimate locavore. The home garden is where it’s at!

I call myself an environmentalist. Two simple, enjoyable activities give you earth-cred with the hardest-core of nature lovers: gardening…and commuting by bike. So pedal down to the nursery, grab some seeds, (organic) liquid fertilizer and get your ground good-to-go. Planting time is just around the corner. Mother Earth will thank you, your bod will thank you, and I thank you for setting up your garden. Just invite me over when you start cooking all the goods!