This might seem like a meaningless detail, but for everybody who rides, climbs, skis, and hikes with water bottles and hydration bladders (reservoirs), cleaning them out is a pain-in-the-butt hassle. Why? Bladders in particular are hard to clean well, and if you’re sipping sports drinks out of them, bacteria can get going after only a few uses. Water bottles have all sorts of little crevices within the nipples and cap-threads, so scrubbing them can be difficult with a simple sponge or Scotch-Brite.

Because we had twins last July, I’ve spent my fair share of time in the baby aisle at Target and Whole Foods…turns out there are bunches of different brushes made for baby bottles and they work well for funky-shaped bottles and bladders. The above pic is from Target, but I’m sure any box store will have a decent selection. Go check ’em out and scrub the daylights out of your drinking vessels, dear friends. It works!