As many hours as we all spend in the sun, and because we live in Colorado, a good sunscreen is absolutely critical to protecting our skin. Problem is, the majority of sunscreens these days are  made up of toxic ingredients, including estrogenic compounds like oxybenzone. Studies show a large quantity of the chemical crosses the skin into the blood. Once into one’s system it functions like estrogen…which means one thing, gents: manboobs. For women, the last thing you want is to monkey with your hormonal system. How ’bout menopause at 40?! No way!

The Environmental Working Group published an enormous study this year, detailing the risks associated with particular brands of sunscreen. I’m happy to say “Beyond Coastal” had several of the highest-rated products in the study! Verde PR, a Colorado-based PR agency, reps Beyond Coastal, so they generously hooked me up with a few tubes of Beyond Coastal sunscreen a while back. I’ve had the chance to use the “Natural” variety, as well as the “Active Daily.”

The Natural is my fave sunscreen at the moment. It’s a mineral or “physical” sunscreen, meaning tiny particles of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide actually reflect the sun’s damaging UV rays. Physical blocks offer much higher UVA protection than chemical sunscreens. The thing I like about the Natural is its feel. It spreads easily enough on my ears, nose, cheeks and neek, but doesn’t leave an oily film on my hands. Much appreciated when out rock climbing! It does, however, get a little pasty when you’re rubbing into unshaven legs or, god forbid, a hairy back. Yuck!

I also love the Natural lip balm, which sports physical block for your lips, ears, and nose. Smells good, has a nice feel on dry lips, and it’s free of chemical gunk.

Thanks Beyond Coastal! Look on the EWG study above to find your sunscreen and see how it measures up. If you’re looking to change, give Beyond Coastal a shot. I’m liking it.