The pain never goes away, it just lurks in the fore- and backgrounds, depending on the season and one’s fitness. Wednesday morning it was in the foreground: first skimo training of the winter.IMG_3203

The good folks at A-Basin have their uphill traffic going before operations (before 9 a.m. weekdays and 8:30 weekends), so we did a couple laps, then rode the chair a couple times. Heart-rate monitors, light-ish skis, stoke in our hearts, and a little hurt in the legs.

Check the Basin’s website to verify that uphill access is indeed open. Grab your free uphill pass, too, once the ticket office opens! Right now it’s officially closed during operations hours, but before the lifts turn they’re letting us skin.

Please, please, please obey all closures, too. With grooming and snowmaking going, we don’t want to get in their way, anymore than we want to bust a leg, too. Be cool and let’s keep a good thing going!

Tuesday, December 2, there’s a rando race, too, 7 a.m. — be there!

They’re generally about an hour long, so with a cool down, a little hob-knobbing, you can be back to the Front Range by 10 a.m., no problem! Come join; they’re a blast and great training.