Poor me, I just endured nine days of binge eating and salty swimming in the fair motherland of Italia. I brought home a little extra tonnage and a wicked head cold. Damn. Well, the Alpine Training Center should take care of the weight, while a little garlic and rest will (hopefully!) cure my head of this toxic invader. We’ll see.

We spent a few hours in Naples–the birthplace of pizza.

I blogged a few weeks back about a shady organization predicting a predominant La Nina pattern for the coming years. My inquiries regarding the reputability of said organization went unanswered. For now, it remains a mystery who these optimists are. If the next decade is anything like this past winter, we are stoked.

I know it’s still hot–the swamp cooler’s blaring away upstairs as I type–but I’ve got ski on the brain. I plan on doing a few more skimo races this year (the Four Skin in Aspen, the Five Peaks in Breck, and hopefully the Bozeman event with my nephew) and there’s talk of a late-February gig in Revelstoke. We shall see! If Jackson gets another banner year, I would LOVE to ski the Grand…but that’s a ways off.

First up–crushing pain and rediscovering the fitness. There’s plenty of climbing to be done, too–I keep promising TimmyO I’ll go do Outer Space with him, so after two months of talking the game, I guess it’s time to sack up. Hopefully I can shed a pound or two before we head up the Bastille!

I’ve got Julbo glasses and some superfly new stuff from Rab to write about, too–including a new shell built of the Polartec NeoShell stuff that’s more breathable than even eVent. Stay tuned.