Bachelor Party Week

This week I head to the desert with an unsuspecting friend, for a slot canyon…and then we meet 20 other boys in Vegas. Bachelor Party. Mine.

A mish-mash gang will come together to celebrate…what? My last days of bachelorhood? I guess so. I’m psyched to be shacking with my girl, so I can’t say I’m full of regret going into marriage. I played a ton and once in a while I’d get to make out with a girl…but few as fine as Rebel, my soon-to-be wife.

Vegas will be a meltdown. Bad Boy Bill spins at the Palms Saturday night. We’ll hit the Lotus of Siam Friday night…but first: Hackberry Canyon, in Escalante. 20 miles of slot canyon and natural springs. Pray for dry weather.

I’ll post pics…of the canyon, and then some. If anybody’s been down Hackberry, drop me a line and give up the beta. Thanks!

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