Sipping Suds at 12,000 feet.

In 1943, during the heart of the Second World War, the United States Army created the 10th Mountain Division. In 1979, three physics professors at the University of Colorado created the Boulder Beer Company. So why should you care? Because those two seemingly unrelated events helped mold Colorado into the kick ass place it is today.

Say what, are you crazy? No, no I am not. Let me explain.

The soldiers of the 10th spent months training high in the Rockies, often enduring hardships that would break most men. Part of their training facilitated the construction of numerous huts high on the peaks of our mountains. Once the war was over, many of these doughboys came back to Colorado, drawn by the beauty of the place. A magic most of us transplants know all to well. They were the pioneers of our ski industry, and numerous other endeavors, that helped kick off the modern migration of flatlanders across the country to the Mile High State.

When Boulder Beer Company was granted their brewing license they were the first craft brewery in the state, and one of the first in the nation. Like many pioneers they did not recognize the impact their little business would have upon the state. But it was big. The founders of the Great American Beer Festival used to pull pints at their brewery, newcomers to the fledgling industry turned to them for advice, and Boulder hippies first got to drink ‘good beer.’

Finally someone has had the good idea to link the two. On July 19-22, The World Outdoor Guides, a 28-year-old active adventure company based in Boulder, will be launching their inaugural Hops & Huts trip. Participants will leave from Boulder and head to Camp Hale, the main training base for the 10th. From there they go to Skinner Hut at 11,800 feet, the highest in the military hut system that has been maintained across the high country since the war. Best of all awaiting them there will be two experts from the Boulder Beer Co with a large selection of their finest offerings—both regular beers and never before released gems.

The Skinner Hut home for the first night
The Skinner Hut home for the first night

Over the next three nights and three days, guides will lead hikes through the surrounding Holy Cross Wilderness and White River National Forest. Each night there will be gourmet dinners paired with beer, campfires above tree line, and sunsets to remember. Best of all at the end they will bring you back to your starting point at the Boulder Beer Co for a private brewery tour and dinner.

The price is $1,498 per person—no one ever said heaven is free. Sign up here and have a trip of a lifetime.

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