Just A Little Whiskey

Mark Twain put it perfectly over a century ago “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” It’s hard to argue with his logic. Americans have had a love affair with the stuff from the moment they landed upon the shores of the New World. As the new settlers pushed westward they always seemed to have a jug or two of the spirit nearby. Not much has changed since.

The popularity of whiskey is at an all time high here, and abroad, with sales numbers ever growing. That’s a good thing. To meet the growing demand established distillers are turning out new products at a dizzying pace, and new micro distillers are popping up everywhere. But, it does create a dilemma for aficionados. With so many options out there where can one sample them before they decide to invest in a bottle, or two?

The Whisk(e)y in Ft Collins has drinkers covered. In the two years since it opened they have amassed a staggering collection of bottles, with over 1,700 different whiskeys from around the globe. It happens to be one of the biggest collections in the country, and is loaded with rare gems that are almost impossible to taste anywhere. Just a quick glance at the rows upon rows of bottles lining the back bar you can quickly spot something you have never heard of, or one you never thought you would get the chance to try.


If attempting to wade into uncharted waters seems daunting they offer fourteen different flights of whiskeys ranging in price from $13 for a selection of moonshines, to the holy grail of tastings, five of the rarest diamonds out there for $1,000. While you slowly work your way through whatever elixirs you have chosen the knowledgeable staff will discuss the finer points of each selection with you. It is the pinnacle of slow sipping.

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Much like The Falling Rock Tap House exposed the fledgling Denver market to the joys of craft beer when it opened its doors decades ago in LoDo helping to create a beer scene unrivaled, The Whisk(e)y could have the same effect. Never before have Colorado drinkers had access to this much bourbon, scotch, and whiskey in one place. As more citizens are able to sip on something they have never tried before their minds, and palates, are expanded. Hopefully leading them to search out one of the many Colorado based micro distillers bringing new whiskeys to the market. Or at least to demand a wider selection at their local bars, restaurants, and liquor stores.

Either way make sure the next time your are in Ft Collins you head into old town and saunter into The Whisk(e)y. It will be unlike anything else you will find in the state.

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