Drink Beer All Summer, And Get Paid For It.

I would not fault you if you did not believe what I am about to tell you. It just seems to good to be true, but it’s not, you really can spend the summer traveling across the country, drinking beer, and getting paid for it. No, really, you can.

World of Beer, the Florida based chain that recently opened one of their craft beer taverns in downtown Boulder, just announced that they are looking for three “Drink It” interns to spend the summer in search of tasty brews. They will be expected to visit numerous beer festivals, hobnob with brewers, search out great brewpubs, and generally spend their waking hours in search of golden goodness.

While imbibing across the country, and world, (last year they sent interns to Belgium, Germany, Ireland, and Czech Republic) you will be required to maintain a healthy presence on social media telling the story of beer. From May until August, the “drink It” interns will actively search out interesting individuals, hidden hop bombs, and quite frankly anything interesting that has to do with beer.

According to sources in the company the interns will be bringing fresh stories and new insights in the world of brew travelling.

Best of all is they will cover all travel expenses, and pay each intern $12,000 for their time. Plus there will be tons of free beer, as much as you can drink in four months.

To apply for this outrageous opportunity go to their website (here) and follow the directions listed. One word of advice, they are looking for beer lovers whose passion jumps off the paper, and video you will send in. If you are a lover of Saisons show them, if sour beers are your thing let it be known, what ever your passion make sure they know it. If you make the cut to round two you will have to travel a World of Beer in one of nine cities to have a live interview before a panel of “beer-lebrity judges on April 8th.

So crack the crown on a cold one and start planning your video while filling out your application, you have until March 26th to apply online. Hopefully you will have a tale to tell everyone about that one summer when you had the Greatest. Job. Ever.

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