Contour’s hands-free HD video camera is designed around the concept of storytelling. That is, go out in the field, shoot some video (via the ultra light and simple to use helmet cam) of your latest and proudest mountain bike ride, rock or ice climb and easily post to the web.

Dual red lasers mounted near the lens allow you to make sure your shot is straight. A simple and secure record button is all there is to click and you’re rolling. Once you’re done shooting in 1080 p (tech for HD qaulity), connect your camera to your laptop and easily upload your footage to to share your footage with the rest of the world. Video editing is simple via the included easy share software.

The Contour HD camera is a mere 4 ounces, water resistant and extremely intuitive to to use. I can’t wait to take it in the field and quickly and easily document my latest climbing adventure.