Climbing Lifestyle

NiteRider Rechargeable Night Lights

Summers in Colorado are hot. So hot that I resorted to road riding at night.

The Climbing Zine

The Climbing Zine captures the climbing lifestyle with humor, insight, challenges and rewards via a collection of mid-length essays.

Riding through the aftermath of the High Park Fire

The Poudre Canyon to Horsetooth Reservoir loop provides a tour of the area damaged by the recent High Park fire

Wild Thing II

A climber of 37 years, John (The “Verm’) Sherman, 53, lives in his custom home: a tricked out F-350.

Eco Vessel Filtration Bottles

Eco Vessel filtration bottles remove the need to carry a separate water filter. They’re very portable, convenient and, most importantly, allow you to drink foreign water without getting sick.

15 Minutes with Craig Demartino

I see a clean-cut climber in his mid forties – I can tell he’s a climber because his shirt says evolv on it, he’s wearing a black Arc’teryx jacket and sticky approach shoes. One of his legs is mechanical.