Interview: Majka Burhardt, Climber

I recently had the pleasure of sharing a conversation with the famed Majka Burhardt as part of an interview series called Beyond Talks that I host regularly at the Patagonia store on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO. The intent behind these interviews is to explore the correlations between adventure and entrepreneurship. More specifically, it’s a live deep-dive with adventurous men and women who have applied the lessons they learned from pushing the envelope in wild places to launching a business, creating media, starting a non-profit, or finding their own personal outlet for blending their passions with their profession.

Majka Burhardt exemplifies that spirit. For those not familiar with Majka, she’s a woman who harbors a very real passion for thin cracks in sometimes not so solid rock around the globe. She’s captured first ascents of rock and ice in South Africa, Ethiopia, Namibia, and in the US. Majka’s also an author of two books, a filmmaker, and founder of an impact-driven consulting agency called “Additive Adventure” that produces environmental, cultural, and adventure media projects.

Part 1: An Introduction to Majka Burhardt 

Her newest project is a pioneering biological study of the cliffside habitat on Mt. Namuli, Mozambique’s second highest mountain and a critical target for conservation in southeast Africa. These videos are from the conversation we shared about her life building up to this project, raising money to bring it to fruition, adventures in snake avoidance, and climbing 54-degree granite slabs for science. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Part 2: Coffee as a Global Impact Driver 

Part 3: The Lost Mountain and the Conservation of Mt. Namuli

Part 4: Q&A with Majka: Her Origins as a Climber, Coffee, Raccoon Coffins and What’s Next

To find out more of what’s going on in the amazing world of Majka Burhardt, be sure to check out her website at

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