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8 Must-Have Foods for Summer Family Outings

Whether we are on long road trips, hiking, biking or camping somewhere on Colorado’s national forest lands, it seems our days revolve around food as much as the activities we decide to indulge in. From sunrise coffee sipping to campfire cocktails and snacks, meals and more, one thing is certain: our bodies need good fuel for all kinds of outings. Read on for some of the best foods for family outings this summer!

Early Riser Morning Blend

If you’re a slow coffee kind of person, Early Riser Morning Blend is smooth, delicious and a dollar from every bag purchase is donated to conservation efforts. Notes of tangerine, honey and herbals, this bright blend is one way we love starting our day in camp and at home. We order whole bean and bring along the GSI Java Mill to ensure the freshest ground coffee.

Alpine Start Instant Coffee

When we need to get out of camp fast, or when we just want a simple (and delicious) solution to our morning brew, we grab a packet (or two, if we want it extra strong) of Alpine Start Original Blend Medium Roast Instant Coffee. We’ve made our morning coffee on lazy camp days and on the go, mixed packs on all-day river floats and iced some down for quick pick-me-ups on long drives. They also offer instant chai and instant non-dairy coconut creamer latte. 

Brave Overnight Breakfast

courtesy of BRAVE

The ultimate “set-it-and-forget-it” option for car camping, basecamping and long road trips, Brave Overnight Breakfast is hearty, delicious and incredibly easy to prepare. Their organic oats, chia seed and hemp hearts have fueled my early morning mountain biking rides, hikes, and long drives. Also, while they call for sitting for 7-9 hours in a refrigerator after adding milk, we have also gone lactose-free (with coconut milk) overnight in a Yeti Roadie with Yeti Ice and thoroughly enjoyed!

Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars

If you were to look through my bike packs, hip packs, backpacks, tote bags or car console I will guaranteed you’d find a Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars. These 100+ calorie bars are compact, shareable (two slices per pack) and delicious. I particularly appreciate how much my kids love them! Go spice with the Beef Chili or savory with the Apple Pork and Turkey Curry.

Honey Stinger Organic Cracker Bars

If sweet treats are more your thing, the Honey Stinger Organic Cracker Bars might just be the ticket. With over 200 calories, low sugar,  and 4 grams of protein, these bars are perfect for a mid-hike snack or mid-ride recoup. On family hikes, we take a couple bar of the Dark Chocolate Almond Butter and Milk Chocolate Cashew Butter bars to split with the kiddos and it always helps get them through to the end. They are also a great go-to after a long day of fishing with the family.

Patagonia Provisions Regenerative Organic Chili Mango

If you’re looking for a new binge-eating snack, you’re welcome. I’ve crushed bags Patagonia Provisions’ delicious dehydrated mango slices on road trips, at mountain summits, mid-float sandbars and sitting at my desk (sorry, not sorry). These fruit slices are organic, 130 calories per serving, have the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, are are good for you and good for the earth (thanks to regenerative farming practices).

Good-Go-To Deyhdrated Meals

courtesy of Good-to-Go

On several cross-country road trips, our family chose to camp at KOA campgrounds as we crossed the country from Colorado to the east coast. Our goal was to have an experience, not just a quick overnighter in a random Midwest hotel, and part of that experience is making a great dinner and s’mores. On the dinner front, three of our favorite “instant” meals are some Good-To-Go entrees including Thai Curry, Pad Thai and their Classic Marinara with Pasta. As a family of four, we’re able to share a variety of delicious meals or stick with one option per person to keep it simple.

Patagonia Provisions 2-Day Camp Meal Kit 

If you’re looking to keep it super simple, go for the 2-Day Camp Meal Kit for 2. It has everything you need for a weekend trip with a partner, including responsibly sourced breakfast, delicious snacks and great dinner options. My husband and I love the snack seeds (especially the Chipolte Lime!) and Wild Sockey Salmon, but honestly, you can’t go wrong with the offerings in this box. Having a ready-to-go kit cuts out any over-thinking of meals and everything included is absolutely delicious. 

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