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Bailey Hundo Benefits

Why should you think about the Bailey Hundo next year? Because your money actually goes to a good cause.

The Bailey Hundo is a result from partnership between four State Senators. State Senator Chris Romer, State Senator Greg Brophy, State Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp, and State Senator Mark Scheffel all worked together to make this happen. Senator Romer and Brophy have both even toed the line at the event! In addition, the commuity was involved with Bailey, Park County, and Colorado cyclists putting their heads together.

Race promoters are not making cash off this event. Where does it all go?

Trips for Kids

This organization is great because it gives underserved children a chance to experience the wonderful Colorado outdoors we love so much. Maybe their parents can’t afford it, are too busy, or maybe their parents don’t like the outdoors. Either way, a deep connection with the outdoors can be healing.

Colorado High School Cycling

I wish I knew what mountain biking was when I was in high school. Kate Rau does an amazing job with this organization. High school cycling is popping up all over the country, and we are one of the states leading the charge. Cycling teaches kids a healthy way to spend their time, independence, and confidence. Lots of growth here, and more to come!

Kids on Bikes

Again, another organization providing equipment and guidance to underserved children. With the ABCs and P.E.D.A.L program, there is a lot of great support for children to grow, ride, and make friends in a healthy environment.

Colorado Mountain Biking Association also has a hand in the Hundo (and the vice versa) for trail building and advocacy. For more about COMBA, go here! Protect your right to ride?

Need any more reasons to race the Bailey Hundo? Go here.

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