Review: Chaco Sleet Sandal

Chaco Sleet Sandal. 

I couldn’t resist. It’s finally summer here in Colorado after the winter that would not uproot itself and leave. Now it’s blazing hot, which I don’t mind apart from the fires. It also means I can wear sandals. I have had a pair of the Yampa Sandals forever. I saw a year or two ago, they came out with a different type of webbing – I like the split webbing – much more feminine! Instead of getting the same sandals, I decided to get a slightly different style.

I chose the Sleet.


I went for a pair without a strap around the heel for quick access.  I was a little worried that they would slide off or be too flip-flop like.  I was pleasantly surprised that they stay on almost as secure as my Yampas do!


The footbed had a nice shape.  I have wide feet and it fit my foot nicely.  There is also a nice, subtle cushion under the footstep.  My foot is also high volume.  I am almost at the limit with the amount of strap available for adjustability, so if you have even larger volume or wider feet, that’s something to consider.   If you’re not familiar with how you adjust Chacos, all the angles of the webbing can be pulled on for more or less strap for a better custom fit on the foot with the lateral buckle controlling the amount of strap to work with.


The tread grips on dirt nicely. I wore these every day for almost a month so I could assess the durability.  I tend to drag my heels when I walk, and they are upholding showing almost no wear.  I went for a little river walk and had no slippage problems.  I think if I was in whitewater, I would need a heel strap.


Another thing I did was try wearing them without the toe strap around my big toe (like if I was wearing compression socks) and they stayed on just fine that way too.

I am very happy with selection, the fit, the style, and the durability.  Definitely a great product…and my addiction still wants to get a pair of the Yampa in the split webbing!  Seriously, how many pairs of shoes does someone need?  I just can’t help it….


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