One of many new breweries in the Front Range! Cannonball Creek is in Golden, CO. I stopped in for some adult beverages after riding some amazingly dry singletrack at Green Mountain last week. They don’t have a website that I can find, but I dug up their facebook page.

It was busy, we had to park out on the street!  They are so busy that they cannot stay open during “normal” business hours so they can conserve the beer ready for consumption.   The co-owner, Brian Hutchinson, was the head brewer at Mountain Sun for years.

They are located on the north end of town off Washington Ave on the corner.

cannonball creek brewery

cannonball creek brewery

They only had four beers, so I had to try them all. Naturally.

cannonball creek brewery

They had a diverse selection.  The stout and the brown had similar taste profile if you don’t try to pick out individual flavors and the nose (but both very drinkable and enticing)  The Dubbel was tasty and clean, the IPA did not disappoint my love for hops.

They do not have a kitchen, but they have a food cart outside. The food selection and cart changes almost every day. I had some bacon cheddar tots and some yummy smoked tofu skewers. I know, two ends of the spectrum but I wanted both and it was good. I’ve heard of a sausage truck and a taco stand as well.

Next time you’re in Golden, ride some trail, drink some beer, and be merry.