Bicycle Airline Travel: Part 1 – Packing It Up

Let’s talk airline fees. I book my flights based on fees I’ll be charged for my bike (and NORMALLY I check beforehand…)

*as a sidenote, I am flying out to PA on Saturday for a 7 day stage race and I am currently booked with Delta. I assumed it wasn’t horrendously expensive and found out the cost by writing this post and am currently researching other options. Learn my lesson – check baggage fees before booking!!!!

Southwest: check 2 bags for free. Bike will cost you $50/way which is cheaper than shipping it. In my experience, they don’t weight it. My favorite airline, great customer service and perks.

Frontier: NEW policy is that bikes are 20 bucks with economy fare and free with classic fare! First 2 bags are free too… I think. I’ve found conflicting info online.

Jet Blue: 50/way for bikes. 1st bag free, 2nd bag 35 bucks.

Continental: 25 for first bag, 35 for second bag. 100/way.

United: 25 bucks for your first bag, 35 bucks for your second bag. The bike? Brace yourself: 100+/way. For international travel, it’s 200+

Delta: Bend over and bite down on a leather strap, because it’s going to hurt.. 25 for the first bag, 35 for the second bag. Bike? 200/way. WHAT THE #&*%!!!!!!! THE WORST! In my opinion, this should be illegal.

American: Another tough one. 25 for the first bag, 35 for the second bag. Bikes: 150/way. That sucks too. LAME.

Want to ship your bike? This could be a better option in some cases if you have the time and means to ship it. It can be much cheaper and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of traveling through the airport. GO HERE.

Here is more info someone sent me on twitter today.

Look for Part 3: Logistics tomorrow!