Mud Season

Blue Sky Velo Cup October 15 • Longmont Held at the Xilinx Campus, this race has been going gangbusters since Blue Sky Velo took it over in 2009. The club simply puts on the most fun and most professionally executed cross race on the calendar, with hoards of fit, enthusiastic, good-looking volunteers. From the precision of the course, to the variety of the race-day vendors, this race can only be described as an unbridled Colorado cyclocross love-fest.

Colorado Cross Classic October 29 • Boulder A favorite spectator course that requires competent riding (and cornering) through sand, this race brings out a good showing of Front Rangers in Halloween costumes and national pros, including Jeremy Powers and Georgia Gould. In fact, EO’s managing editor (yours truly) got to watch J-Pow face plant into a barrier after he biffed a bunny hop two years ago, then hop to his feet without missing a beat.

Boulder Cup
October 30 • Boulder
As we were about to go to print, Chris Grealish phoned us with the good news—after a hiatus at the Flatirons Mall in Broomfield, this national-caliber race returns to its birthplace in Boulder. And even better, it’s coming to the Valmont Bike Park featuring a brand new course. Come watch what’s sure to be a showdown between our local pros and the nationals!  

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