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More Cowbell (and Pumpkins, Gorillas, Turkeys…)

“Take your stinking paws off me you damn, dirty ape.”
“Take your stinking paws off me you damn, dirty ape.”

Fall means cyclocross season. ‘Cross takes the best of road and mountain biking, throws in some barriers that require dismounting and sprinting with your bike on your shoulder, and adds beer-guzzling fans clanging cowbells and shouting “suffer, suffer!” Here we’ve included a sampling of the Colorado ‘cross race schedule, along with some holiday runs that may even be crazier.


Various Locations / Sept 26, Oct 11, Oct 25, Nov 15
Now in its tenth year, the Boulder Cyclocross series offers four distinct courses to quadruple your pleasure. From the sand pits and goat heads of the Boulder Reservoir course, to the muddy creek run-up at Interlocken, it’s a Front Range sufferfest that will leave you hurting clear until Turkey Day.

The VALMONT BIKE PARK FEST / Boulder / October 17
We can think of no better way to celebrate the ground-breaking of a 45-acre bike park in Boulder than with a cyclocross race. And no race promoter more worthy of bringing more cowbell than DBC Event’s Chris Grealish, who has been putting on races in Colorado since 1989. Think big crowds and lots of beer.

EERIE ERIE 5K/10K RACE / Erie / October 31
For 27 years now, Erie residents have been donning cheesy costumes and racing on Halloween Day. To up the spook factor in broad daylight, the course goes past the Erie Cemetery. We’d sort of prefer to have the race at midnight, but understand the importance of family fun with the 1/4-mile Goblin Run and all. At least no one will be running around naked.

DENVER GORILLA RUN / Denver / October 31

“I don’t think this is the teabag protest…”
“I don’t think this is the teabag protest…”

Participants complete this 3.5-mile run through Denver in full gorilla suits… need we say more? The black furry bodysuit and gorilla head are included in your race entry fee. Not a runner? No problem. You can walk, roller blade, ride your bike or skateboard instead. The event is a fundraiser for the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (as if we needed an excuse to race in gorilla suits).

NAKED PUMPKIN RUN / Boulder / October 31
Where else but Boulder, where more than 150 people remove their clothes, stick their head up a pumpkin, and go flailing through town on Halloween evening. While we love Boulder, we sort of want to ask, why? Stuff flops around when you run. A LOT.

BLUE SKY VELO CUP / Longmont / October 31
The Blue Sky Velo Club took over this race for the 2009 season and is going all-out. If they pay half as much attention to the course as they did their Blue Sky Velo Cup blog and professionally designed logos and posters, this could become one of Colorado’s premier ‘cross events. We absolutely can’t wait to check it out.

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