The April 2014 Issue of Elevation Outdoors is on Newsstands Now!

The April 2014 Bike Issue of Elevation Outdoors is live!

It’s time. The trails are dry, the days are longer and sunnier. Your ride is tuned (despite the week-long wait at the shop). Bike season is in full swing. And Elevation Outdoors is ready to roll with you.

There’s a lot of suffering in this bike issue. And the funny thing is that you cyclists seem to enjoy that, right?
Endurance mountain bike champ Sonya Looney gives cycling masochists a lot to look forward to this season with her list of Colorado’s best Sufferfests — races that test the spirit over 65-125 miles of bone-jarring dirt.

For a taste of true suffering in The Road column, Aaron Gulley reveals how his wife’s catastrophic spill on Moab’s Amasa Back brought them closer together and closer to the desert. That’s intense, but there’s good, clean fun here, too.

Chris Kassar offers up a GPS route for a  big “credit card” road ride form Crested Butte to Aspen that tops 12,000 feet twice over two days.

And bike geeks rejoice: industry expert Ben Delaney provides insight into the fat craze—bigger wheels, tires, frames and, yes, fat bikes, that will be everywhere, from road racing to downhill, in 2014.

We also offer up our gear picks for the best rides of 2014 alongside accessories you will want to check out.

So pick up the print copy, peruse, pass on, and then get out and ride…

Letter from the Editor:
Watch Yourself!

Colorado Sufferfests: Do you like racing over 100 miles? Sonya Looney sure does—and here she dishes on how to enjoy them, how much they hurt, and how to find the after-party.

Three Ps in Crested Butte

REEB Bikes and CYCLHOPS Cantina

Flash Point: The bike industry’s obsession with fat is showing up in everything from road tires to cross-country frames.

Gear: The best new bikes and accessories

Elwayville: Love, lager and labs ease Peter Kray’s climate-change angst.

Road Ride from Crested Butte to Aspen

The Road: A catastrophic wreck on Amasa Back brings a couple closer to the Moab desert…and each other.

Boise could just be a bikers best friend.

And More!…

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