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Adventure Film Festival

Adventure Film Boulder, November 12-14th, 2009

Celebrating its fifth year, this growing film festival  offers a broad interpretaiton of adventure. Sure, you will see the usual climbing expeditons, BASE jumping, surf flicks, bike stunts and other adrenaline sports pursued in all sorts of exotic locales—but the festival, which is presented by iconic enviro-action brand Patagonia, also seeks to promote and screen films that deal with issues beyond sports. The film selection committee, which screens over 200 entries from around the world, also looks for movies that tackle the environmental and social issues that threaten the planet where we play.

That ethos is all in the spirit of the festival’s founder, Jonny Copp, who was killed in an avalanche this spring in China. Copp’s infectious energy and passion for the planet included pushing the limits when it came to climbing but he also sought to make conections with the native people he met on his adventures and try to do something to save the places he loved so dearly. The festival was Copp’s way to continue the narrative he began on his travels.

It all opens with an evening show at the Boulder Theater, followed by two full days that feature adventure film-making workshops, photography, live music and over 20 award-winning films at venues across town.  Top outdoor filmmakers will lead discussions on equipment and techniques. After the Boulder event, the show goes on tour, traveling to cities around the U.S. and making stops in Chile, France and South Africa.

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