Jonathan Jay

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The Last Skiers of Potosi?

After one of the best descents in Colorado in fantastic conditions, TJ David and Jon Jay arrived at the Yankee Boy Basin Trailhead to discover that Potosi Peak is now private property.

Brody Leven on Adventure Skiing & Utah’s Air

Pro skier and Protect Our Winters representative Brody Leven talks about his skiing and travel history, the meaning of his personal brand, and a recent public hearing for the EPA in Utah that did not go according to plan.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Listen up Backcountry vets and newbies Alike: Untouched powder is pure bliss, but do not become another victim when you go seeking it.

Alpine Mentors Returns to Colorado

Alpine Mentors is accepting applications for a 2 year program based in the scenic Ouray, Colorado. By working with some of the finest climbers and climbing mentors in the world, Alpine Mentor's upcoming Colorado Program hopes to enable young climbers to maximize the experience of moving through the mountains, and ultimately culminates with an expedition at the end of the program.

Infatuated with Vestal Peak

Soloing Vestal Peak was everything I hoped it to be. The incredible quarzite rock was certainly smooth, but a number of cracks that gradually steepened before breaking into bigger ledges towards the top provided a level of scrambling I have never seen in Colorado. And, my personal favorite part, I could feel the massive amount of air below me, both as I got higher on the north face, but also continuously on the sheer west face which was never too far away on this route.