Elizabeth Miller

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New Habitat

The battle over Wolf Creek’s base area has hinged on lawsuits for decades. Will a proposed road change things?

Native Voices

Back in 2016, five tribes and the outdoor industry united around one national monument. In 2018, Colorado state officials want to turn that historic coming together into a lasting alliance and long-term policy.

The Ground Game

For nearly 30 years, The Conservation Alliance has been proactively preserving open space and wild places. In the last year, the nonprofit funded by concerned companies started to play defense and began training people outside the organization so that they, too, can speak up for public lands.

The Road: The Big Reboot

The 10th Mountain Division’s return to Colorado aims to renew the deep ties between soldiers and skiers.

Straight Talk with Eric Larsen

A new book by the Colorado-based polar adventurer documents what may be the last ski trip to the North Pole—before It melts away.

Flashpoint | Bolts Away

Across Colorado, climbing organizations are taking the initiative—working to standardize rebolting efforts and bolting rules before land managers have to do it for them.