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[audio:,,,,,,,,,,|titles=Seafoam Tumbles, Eleanor Rigby, 7s and 9s, Tell Me Truly, Little Fox, It Came From You, 14:42, Champion of the World, Bobby Baby, Searchin,|artists=Dangermuffin, Soulive, Thrift Store Cowboys, Heidi Talbot, Justin Jones, Marco Benevento, Utah Green, Peter Cooper, Lera Lynn, Roots of Creation]

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Seafoam Tumbles – Dangermuffin

Eleanor Rigby (Cover) – Soulive

7’s and 9’s – Thrift Store Cowboys

Tell Me Truly – Heidi Talbot

Little Fox – Justin Jones

It Came From You – Marco Benevento

14:42 – Utah Green

Champion of the World – Peter Cooper

Bobby, Baby – Lera Lynn

Searchin’ – Roots of Creation