It’s easy to get stuck. Things to eat, what you listen to, your familiar ski tours. With so many good, albeit relatively small, stashes near the Front Range, I find myself skiing in the same places, over and over. With Mark Kelly’s new book Backcountry Skiing and Ski Mountaineering in Rocky Mountain National Park, I’m going to try and suss out a few new spots in the Park.making turns

Add to Mark’s book Making Turns in the Tenmile-Mosquito Range, from the same publisher, Giterdun, and now I’ve got absolutely no reason not to get further afield this winter and spring. Packed with the same color photos and detailed route descriptions, Making Turns offers nearly 300 pages of ski descents stretching from Frisco past Leadville to the south. I guarantee there are dozens of ski lines you’ve never even considered, for everything from fall-you-die king lines to mellow outings for high-danger days. Making Turns is absolutely indispensable for the Colorado skier.

Written by Fritz Sperry–an East Coaster originally, but in his 26th season of backcountry–Making Turns goes the extra mile to put you in the goods with as little hassle as possible. Photos of every trail head, in winter and summer, give the reader a no-brainer means of finding the starting point for every tour in the book. It’s details like these that really set the book apart. I’m psyched to have a copy.

Congrats to Fritz and the merry band of characters in the book. It’s a great resource and come to think of it, a pretty fun read, too! Pick yourself up a copy ASAP!