Winter Park

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Winter Park’s sense of pure mountain adventure represents the quintessential Colorado experience – untouched and open. Accessible by car, train, shuttle and bike, Winter Park is the closest major mountain destination to Denver. Surrounded by Arapaho National Forest, Indian Peaks Wilderness and home to Rocky Mountain National Park, Winter Park makes adventure as easy to get to as it is to love.

Vast world-class mountain adventures await, with access to 765,000 acres of public lands, unique adventure can be found all year long right from the heart of Winter Park. Hit the trail to hike, ski, snowshoe and bike. Known as Mountain Bike Capital USA™, every year Winter Park continues to develop singletrack and enhanced features throughout our network of trails.

You can’t escape the spirit of adventure that is full of discovery, enlightenment, rejuvenation, connection, growth, and change. It’s transformative in small and big ways, for those who choose to live the mountain lifestyle, and for those who come to taste it for a few days. You change moments and lives — it is part of Winter Parks ethos, culture, and people.

Heart pumping adrenaline filled experiences such as backcountry skiing, rock climbing and downhill biking are all part of living the life you love in Winter Park. Winter Park and Mary Jane have the most consistent average snowfall of any destination resort in Colorado making for a powder-filled adventure. Plus, a summer filled with live concerts from national and local acts, food and spirit festivals, art and cultural events, outdoor races and more make spending time in the hub of Winter Park an adventure of its own. Winter Park: Colorado Unfiltered.

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