The Team: Doug, Rick, Mike, Chris, Robb, Mark, Andrew (Z)

So we met at the park and ride just off of I70 in Golden where we loaded our RV and headed off to Fruita for the start of the trip. The time was about 3 p.m. MT when we had all six bikes and everyones personal gear loaded into the RV. There was an aura of excitement in the air as no one really knew what to expect, but we all knew that we were glad to be together to celebrate the end of Mike’s bachelorhood.

Loading up

 Loading up

On the road in the RV

 On the road 

Signs of Early Trouble - HEAT?

Fully loaded, guess we can’t run the AC going up the hills . . .  DOH!  Sign of things to come, undertones of overheating ?

Nap Time

Mountain man Chris knows how to use his time wisely . . . napping up for the big ride