Hit the road this year with our big road trip and camping issue! From tips on how to upgrade your road-tripping rig, to exploring Estes Park this summer, to enjoying the Elk Mountains and practicing best conservation practices out on the road, it’s all in our latest issue — on stands now!

Editor’s Letter: Born to Be Wild 

The Norwegians understand how to take full advantage of a life lived within the splendor of the wild. We should take note.

The Big 50 Road Trip 

Celebrate wild places with a road trip that takes in gems that have been protected thanks to longstanding public lands legislation.

Road Trip Rig Upgrades

Need a new rig for roadtripping? Check these options.

The Outer Limits

The Outerbike Festival returns to Crested Butte this August.

Eat, Sleep, Play: Estes Park 

From massive views to modern eateries, Colorado’s national-park-poster-child town may just surprise you.

Remembering Jason Wells and Tim Klein

Yosemite speed climbers who brought passion to the sport before their tragic death in the park last month.

Local Hero: Lesley Smith

This scientist and educator has spent her career championing environmental education.

Car-Camping Kitchen Hacks

Need to channel your inner mobile foodie? Follow these tips to elevate your mobile kitchen.

SUP Sensation 

At the age of 16, Miles Harvey represents the future of the sport of stand-up paddleboarding. 

Hot Spot: The Elks Club

Aspen’s surrounding mountains are a playground for core and casual adventurers alike. Here’s how to best enjoy the Elk Mountains (and maybe get a shot of adrenaline) by foot, bike and air.

Numerology: The Top Priority 

Here are the bare facts on the most important piece of conservation legislation (and one of the most endangered) in the country—this is why we must make sure the LCWF continues to flourish.

Straight Talk: Jamie Logan 

One of the world’s greatest climbers talks about how she finally found peace as a woman.

Life on the Road

We talked to people who call wherever they want to pull up and park home—to learn how they do it, what they dream of and how you can join them.

Drink It In — Southwest Colorado 

Looking for a way to enjoy the best of Colorado’s best libations and the big playground of Durango and the San Juans? Pick up a passport for the Crafted Beverages of Southwest Colorado campaign and head out on an odyssey that will support the locals and top off your summer.

The Ground Game

For nearly 30 years, The Conservation Alliance has been proactively preserving open space and wild places. In the last year, the nonprofit funded by concerned companies started to play defense and began training people outside the organization so that they, too, can speak up for public lands.

Grand Plans 

Colorado’s Grand Valley is reaping the benefits of embracing the full potential of the $887-billion outdoor recreation economy while trying to work with the boom-and-bust of extractive industries. Here’s how local company Bonsai Designs is leading the way when it comes to shifting gears.

Destination Adventures 2018 

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to leave all the weariness of work life behind and seek out your authentic, adventerous self. It’s road trip season! Not sure where to point the grill? We are here to help with a list of the best places to get outside and play.

Colorado Native Brews

Summer is the season when beer pairs perfectly with adventure out in Colorado’s wild places. This state takes pride in its craft beer, and its craft brewers return the love by supporting clean, healthy living and conservation. Come get to know them better.

The Perfect Camp

These nine gear items will ensure you enjoy your home away from home when you pull up to that ideal campsite this summer.

Mind the Ecosexual 

Sustainability is not a construct. It’s a mantra. And this oh-so-familiar character will tune you in—unless he’s off at a post-Burn party.

Colorado to New Jersey — The Road Trip Playlist

Download a musical journey that will drive you from the peaks of Denver to the boardwalk of Asbury Park when you hit the road this summer.

The Great American Odyssey 

In a quest to visit all 50 states before her 30th birthday, a woman discovers everything she didn’t know about the country—and a little bit about herself along the way.

ELWAYVILLE: Real Nature 

Do you find it in your expensive new Sprinter van, rushing to every spot there is to visit off the open highway, or just by doing nothing at all?