With all the wet causing havoc along the Front Range I was super excited to see the first dusting of snow on the Tenmile Range this week. Breckenridge is only 50 days from opening this season and they have added over 540 acres by opening Peak 6. To be honest, I’m kicking myself for having never made it up to ski Peak 6 before the lifts were added because I’ve heard some amazing stories about that terrain. About 400 acres of the new terrain is accessible by the new lift installed leaving 140 acres to those willing to boot it.

We all know Peak 6 has raised some mixed feelings (read EO’s take here). Resort skiers are excited for new terrain and to spread the crowds out some on heavy use days. Backcountry skiers are bummed to see some of their private playground exposed. What do you think? Did you ski here before it was developed?

Breckenridge has put together a little video that’s a touch over the top cheesy. Regardless, it got me excited for the new terrain and I’m keen to check it out:

Get more details on Peak 6 here: www.breckenridge.com/Peak6.