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About Us

Started by a Couple of Skiers Who Imagined Better Gear for the Mountains

Flylow got its start when co-founders Greg Steen and Dan Abrams, both Colorado natives and friends since college, couldn’t find a pair of ski pants that held up in the backcountry. The gear they were using was either built for mountaineering, which meant it was lightweight and breathable but didn’t fit right and lacked style, or it was made for ski resorts, so it looked good but fell apart after a season.

They figured, why not build ski clothes that could do it all? At the time, both Greg and Dan fancied themselves respectable telemark skiers. A French girl on the mountain saw them and seemed to agree yelling , “You don’t ski fast—you fly low.” With that, Flylow was officially born.

Our first products debuted in 2005—the super—tough Cactus Pant and the aptly named Black Coat (which, yes, came in just one color). A core following of skiers immediately adopted and evangelized the brand for its sensible, no-nonsense approach to quality, reliable gear. With their input, Greg and Dan continued to tinker and refine products built around the sports they loved, first skiing, but also aprés skiing. Then in 2016 they introduced a whole slew of spring gear for mountain biking, wakesurfing, camping, backyard BBQ’ing and campfire bullshitting.

In the years since that fateful French girl, Dan has locked down his heels while Greg still rides free heel, free mind. But they both still independently own and operate the company in much the same spirit as its founding: Make good gear that works for the fun stuff they (and their friends) like to do. In the process, the Flylow family has grown. Now spread across Denver, Jackson, and Lake Tahoe, we continue to build award-winning men’s and women’s outerwear, clothing and accessories for four seasons of our favorite mountain pursuits.

Photo courtesy of Flylow Gear.

Design Philosophy

At Flylow, we start by dreaming up gear we need for the mountains. We don’t make anything without function, purpose. It’s an esoteric approach: We’ll be on a skintrack or a dirt trail, and suddenly, we’ll have an idea for a new insulating layer or a lightweight rain shell for a squall that just appeared.

We design from the ground up, working with our mills to create the right fabric, brainstorming technical features with our hardy crew of athletes (picture ski patrollers and mountain guides), and putting prototypes through the ringer in tough environments. User feedback drives our designs.

How We Work

Through meetings on chairlifts and in vans in ski-area parking lots and skintrack brainstorming sessions, Greg and Dan were able to build a grassroots company from the bottom up—and rarely miss a powder day along the way. They’ve continued to live life on their own terms—traveling the mountains in search of deep snow, all while designing gear on the go.

Flylow was born in the mountains and that’s where it remains today. Our company headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, where we started, but our founders live in Tahoe, our marketing director is based in Jackson, Wyoming, and we believe in owning your own time and working to live, not the other way around.

Photo courtesy of Flylow Gear.


It is our duty—scratch that, our pleasure—to protect the mountain environments where we play, and sustainability is an integral part of who we are as people and as a company. At our core, we want to be good contributors to society—create healthy, happy jobs, help support independent retailers, and create thoughtfully-made products.

At the nitty gritty level, we do things like re-using boxes in our warehouse and minimizing plastic packaging, repurposing scrap fabric from our pants to make rad tote bags, and using insulating fabric made from post-consumer recycled materials in our jackets. On the big picture, we make clothes that don’t need to be thrown away every year. We’ve built a company on the premise that our gear is going to last.

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