Remember the first time your growler went flat? The uKeg™ by GrowlerWerks makes flat beer a thing of the past. 
If you’re like us, you love the freedom growlers provide but really hate drain-pouring beer you could’ve enjoyed. That’s why we’ve perfected the world’s premier pressurized growler system — the uKeg™ by GrowlerWerks! Now the brewer’s hard work and your good money won’t go to waste. The uKeg™ lets you enjoy your beer the way the brewer intended it—bringing the taproom experience home with you. 
At GrowlerWerks, we’re a lot like many other outdoor enthusiasts — our love for adventure motivated us to engineer special containers to take our favorite brews along with us. As beer-loving engineers in a beer-rich region, we recognized the need for a better solution and realized we were well-equipped to provide it. Considerable skill and effort went into developing the perfect take-it-with-you container and the rest, as they say, is history.

Unlike ordinary glass growlers, the uKeg™ keeps light and oxygen out and carbonation in. Our patented technology enables automatic pressurization to the perfect level for your beverage of choice. Even better, the uKeg™ will maintain that pressure for as long as you need to drink the beer inside. All within a double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel vessel that keeps your brew cold all day.

Find out more and view our products at Call 971-266-1477 for more information. Now you can climb, shred, or take a road trip — and your favorite Colorado brews can come with you!