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Run with the Horses

It’s a chilly morning for the middle of August, but then again you are staying next to the Green River, on Expedition Island where Major John Wesley Powell began his great adventure, which ultimately lead to the discovery of the Grand Canyon. I wonder if he was as nervous as me as you stand there with your pre-race jitters.

The night before was fantastic, Green River’s Riverfest, Cajun shrimp boil, live band, fireworks, homemade craft vendors and let’s not forget the Famous Duck Race all on beautiful Expedition Island, surrounded by the Green River, oh and the Art on the Green, local artists in a 24-hour competition in several different mediums, it was cool to watch and the shrimp well, can’t beat ‘em.

You look around at all the other runners, that’s a strange accent, I wonder what country they are from, woo, that woman is completing her 300th marathon and the guy she is talking to is added this as his 35th towards running in all 50 States, cool! A couple from Germany and another from New York, I knew this was going to be special, but had no idea it was this special.

Green River, Wyoming, 2-1/2 hours East of Salt Lake City, a city of 12,000 people nestled in the Green Basin which was created by a long extinct ancient inland sea. Elevation 6,100 feet, that kind of elevation is a challenge in itself. Course elevation change of 1,200’ in the first 5 miles, impressive! Pre-race instructions and now everyone begins to jockey for their starting positions. We are off!

Across the river, I can feel the slight grade, course is clearly marked, police officers stopping traffic as we cross busy intersections, nice, I don’t have to slow my pace, grade, man it’s getting a little stepper. Turn on to Wild Horse Canyon Road, pavement is gone and now we are on the dirt, it’s well maintained, the pack begins to thin, are we going all the way up there?

Mile 6! Oh my gosh, lungs are on fire, legs are screaming, but I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything, I conquered Wild Horse Canyon! Holy Cow, look at this view, I am on top of the world, I must be able to see for 100 miles. Pilot Butte, I remember reading something about that in the Sweetwater County Tourism Guide, a navigation beacon for the Calvary, Pony Express and the Settlers as the traveled west in their wagon trains. This land probably looks a great deal as it did when they traveled across, incredible!

What is that! There they are it is a herd of wild horses, is that a foal, this is what I have come to see. An Antelope, I think that is what that is, never seen one, so I am not really sure, nice another water station and porta potty, well thought out, everyone is so friendly. First aid stations are everywhere, nice. Yikes, rattle snake on a rock sunning itself cool, never seen one of those either and don’t want to see one again.

Half point turning around, it’s all downhill from here! Wild Horse Canyon and we are going down, man is this fast, pavement, 2 miles! There is Expedition Island the finish line, already, I don’t want this to end. The finish line, oh man my medal is so unique, but then why wouldn’t it be this is a very special race, that takes place in a very special town! Now where’s this free breakfast.

Are you up for this challenge? Can you run with the horses? If so we challenge you to come to Green River, Wyoming on August 17th, 2019 and Run with the Horses! Each runner will receive a truly one of a kind shirt and medal for completing the race. There will also be individual medals for those that finish in the

top three of both men and women. There is an international airport in Salt Lake City, approximately 120 miles to the West and Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport is located in Rock Springs, Wyoming, which is 17 miles East of Green River. The Hampton Inn located in Green River is offering special rates for runners. Camping options are available close by too, well it’s the wild west full of wild open spaces after all.

For information regarding this amazing race or to register contact Bonnie Lockman at 307-875-5711 email: Visit our website at

Produced in cooperation with Explore Rock Springs & Green River, WY.

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