Raising the (Handle) Bar in Bike Packing

Taking their patented, Navy-SEALS’- worthy-technology to the bike packing game, Watershed Drybags – makers of 100% submersible bags and packs – want you to meet the McKenzie. Raising the (handle) bar on traditional (and perhaps, soggier) bike packing bags, the McKenzie is a durable and fully waterproof handlebar bag. Featuring Watershed’s patented ZipDry Closure system – aka a Ziploc on steroids – the McKenzie seals shut like a freezer food storage bag, except with a lot more grip and power. The result, a closure lock that forms such an airtight and watertight seal you can endure 300 feet of underwater pressure.

In addition to its non-zipper closure, the McKenzie boasts abrasion-resistant fabric that withstands whatever you throw at it (including wrecks), two bungee-cord clamps/velcro loop to mount the bag to the frame, several hard lash points and multiple compression straps. Reflective tape keeps the bag – and the rider – visible for night treks, and a couple of rugged carry handles turns the McKenzie into a day bag if needed.

Holding 15L of gear, the McKenzie is the perfect, middle-of-the-road size bag for weekend warriors and after-work shredders who need the essentials (plus a couple of cold ones) with them on the trail. Gear Junkie’s Adam Ruggiero fit a towel, a change of clothes, some nutrition, and space left over to stuff shed layers in his.

More about Watershed’s Technology

The technology that sets Watershed apart from other more traditional dry bag makers, is the ZipDry Closure System. Where more traditional bags zip, snap or roll – leaving too much margin for error, the ZipDry seals shut like a freezer bag. No amount of pulling, tugging or tearing can open the bag – but a simple S-peel will. This ups the waterproofing of the bag, and reduced the chance of zippers getting snagged, dirt getting into seals, or roll tops leaking. It also works in any condition – no matter how cold (or hot!) you are exploring in.

The seams as well are engineered to surpass all currently on the market. Using double and triple-layer fabric at meeting points, Watershed welds the joints together with high pressure radio waves – this, combined with uber-durable polyurethane-coated fabric – creates an ultra-strong seamless bond built to last through even the toughest conditions.

Made in America (In Asheville, NC!) by ex-raft guides and water-obsessed individuals, every single McKenzie is inspected before sending out into the world, ensuring a 100% leak-proof bag ideal of your outdoor adventure. So go ahead and get out. We’ll help you stay dry.

Full dimensions:

Dimensions Rolled: 9″ Height x 16″ Width x 7.25″ Depth

Capacity Rolled: 640 cu in (10.5L)

Closure Type: ZipDry

Opening Size: 13 in

Weight: 1.5 lbs

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