PORTLAND, Ore., November 5, 2019 – Nitro cold brew coffee fans are getting an early Christmas present. The world’s first at-home nitro cold brew coffee maker and dispenser is now available for retail purchase.

The uKeg Nitro allows users to not only brew cold brew coffee, but also infuse it with nitro gas. The patented nitro tap creates the artful, cascading pour that you get from draft systems in coffeeshops—but the uKeg Nitro delivers the experience for a fraction of the cost, and from the comfort of ones own home.

Over the summer, GrowlerWerks executed a successful crowdfunding campaign, securing more than $750,000 from enthusiastic backers on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Rewards were fulfilled ahead of schedule, resulting in 4,500 happy, caffeinated customers. In their own words:

“If you like nitro cold brew, this is an absolute must have.”

“This product paid for itself in less than a month & brews GREAT coffee.”

“This is an incredibly easy-to-use device that makes my coffee wonderful. The nitro infusion adds a beautiful creaminess to the drink and now I’m looking forward to my morning drive so I can sip this elixir. Check it out; it might change your life!”

GrowlerWerks President and Co-Founder, Shawn Huff, couldn’t be more thrilled with the initial response to the uKeg Nitro. “We knew from our own testing that we were on to something with the uKeg Nitro. Endorsements from coffee experts such as Stumptown, Good Coffee, Caffé Umbria and Intelligentsia Coffee let us know we were “coffee legit.” But hearing from the customers who have used the product itself seals the deal. We know we are truly offering coffee lovers a high-quality experience that, until now, was both costly and inconvenient.”

The uKeg Nitro cold brew coffee maker is available for purchase now at GrowlerWerks, Amazon, Huckberry and REI. In addition to the uKeg Nitro itself, accessories including 5-packs of nitro cartridges, custom coffee filter bags sized to fit the uKeg Nitro, and a refill kit that includes nitro cartridges, filters and cleaning tablets are also available.

For more information, visit http://growlerwerks.com

About GrowlerWerks®
Founded in Portland, Ore. in 2014, GrowlerWerks is an innovator in the craft beverage industry. The uKeg pressurized growler changed the way craft beer is enjoyed by allowing beer enthusiasts to keep their favorite beverage fresh and carbonated for weeks. The uKeg is distributed in the US, Canada, Australia and Western Europe, and is the world’s #1 beer growler.