Boa was born in the Rocky Mountains

Boa was born in the Rocky Mountains in 2001 with a revolutionary performance fit system that transformed how snowboarders “dialed in” their boots. Founder, Gary Hammerslag, first sold his disruptive lace replacement idea to K2 and Vans. Since then, Boa has found a home with over 300 brands across a number of industries – including cycling, golf, running, mountaineering, and hiking.

In addition to enhancing fit for performance sport footwear, Boa has been designing configurations for medical prosthetic and bracing systems for over nine years; enabling the toughest athletes to make single-handed adjustments to control the tension and stability of their medical devices without ever having to remove them.

One of these amazing athletes is outdoor adventurer, Chad Jukes. Here is his story:

Chad Jukes is an avid outdoorsman and mountaineer, and it was his adventurous spirit that led him to join the US Army Reserves at 17, where he served tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. While serving in Iraq in 2006, Jukes and his soldiers ran over an anti-tank mine during combat that left him severely injured in his right foot and leg. Less than three months after the explosion, Jukes chose to have his right leg amputated so he could continue to live an active lifestyle in the outdoors.

After his amputation, Chad took many opportunities to get outside. The obstacles of injury, amputation, and the psychological trauma of war were no match for Chad’s desire to excel in the outdoors. Over the past decade Chad has climbed extensively throughout the U.S., as well as expedition climbing in Alaska, Nepal, and Tibet. In May 2016, Chad experienced his greatest adventure to date: Summiting the 29,035’ Mount Everest.

As the fit system to Chad’s RevoFit prosthetic socket, Boa provides superior adaptability to his high level of activity. “I fell in love with the Boa-powered socket immediately. It increased my ability to be on my feet and eliminated down days because of improved fit and function,” says Jukes. “Being able to easily adjust the socket on-the-fly without having to find a place to remove my pants and prosthetic is a game-changer. The improved functionality that The Boa System brings to my prosthetic helped me successfully reach the summits of El Capitan and Everest and adds ease and more comfort in my daily life.” Ice climbing the falls of Ouray in the La Sportiva G2SM or trailblazing in the Asics Gel-Fujirados, Boa is fit for every aspect of Chad’s adventures.

See how Boa transforms how Chad Jukes approaches steep ascents and everyday tasks in his new documentary, La Cumbre in association with Stept Studios and ROMP. Chad was also presented with the Jonny Copp Award at the debut of the film!

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