8 Stocking Stuffers for the Backcountry Bound

By Lauren Seidl

What do you give the person who is content with nothing but the sun on their face and dirt under their feet? Something to make exploring the outdoors even more enjoyable, of course! We have 8 stocking stuffer suggestions guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any hiker, camper, climber and lover of all things outdoors.

1. Headlamp

Hands-free lighting is a must-have for navigating, setting up tents and cooking in the dark. Look for something with different brightness settings to make battery life easier to conserve.

2. Camp Stove

Small gas stoves are needed to cook meals while camping, especially when fires aren’t an option. Keep in mind that these stoves don’t always come with fuel canisters, but that’s another inexpensive gift you can get for your wilderness explorer.

3. Spork

The classic spoon, fork combo is the perfect eating utensil for outdoor explorers trying to keep their packs light. Some models of this wilderness flatware even include a serrated knife edge along with the Spork!

4. Lightweight Neck Gaiter

A stretchy, breathable neck gaiter (like a Buff) is the ultimate accessory for outdoorsy types. This handy piece of headwear can be worn as a headband, a hat, a balaclava and almost anything you can imagine. Whoever receives this gift can be sure that their head will be protected from sweat, the sun and chilly temps.

5. Camp Mug

A lightweight, packable mug or travel cup is a must-have for tent dwellers. Bonus points if it is collapsible or comes with a lid. But as long as it can hold hot coffee, it’s a winner.

6. Socks

Socks might sound like a boring gift, but to hikers, they are gold. A good pair of socks is necessary to keep feet dry, warm and blister-free. And dry, warm, blister-free feet are necessary to tackle miles of trail.

7. Folding Knife

Knives are great tools for wilderness explorers to have. They can be used to cut tinder for fires, make repairs in a pinch, cut food (or open camp food packaging) and more.

8. Camp Towel

Camp towels are lighter and far more absorbent than your run-of-the-mill bathroom towel. This small piece of gear can add big comfort to a camping or hiking trip. A towel can be used to wipe off wet gear, dirty dishes and of course, wet hands.

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