Mom Gear

1. Ocean Minded Azra
The Azra hugs your foot from the moment you first put it on. Made from recycled leather and rubber, and held together with water-based adhesives, this sandal is relatively gentle on the environment and goes with anything.

2. Julbo Alagna
With excellent full-face and peripheral coverage, the Alagna comes in a polarizing, photochromic Falcon lens. That means the shade adjusts based on the visible light (as opposed to ultraviolet light), making these sunnies perfect in all conditions—low, medium, and bright. They look smart and stay put. Stylish enough for travel and durable enough for sports, these shades are great on a beach, train, or bicycle.

3. Icebreaker Bali Hood
High-tech enough for mountain bike rides and backpacking trips, pretty enough for date night, and durable enough for sticky hands and spit up, Icebreaker’s Bali Hood is soft, sweet, and practical. A mom must have designed this; the pockets are in the right place and large enough to hold a bottle or a small toy truck, and the hem hits the hipbones for the ultimate flattering fit.

4. Mountain Buggy Terrain
This agile, durable stroller makes competitors seem like plastic tanks. All winter and spring I piloted the Terrain—and my baby—over icy roads, dirt trails, and bike paths. The kiddo sat snugly upright, secure in the comfortable seat and harness. The Terrain’s special features include an adjustable handlebar, hand brake, a zip-covered cargo basket, and lightweight aluminum. Super stable on both the uphill and down, this stroller will buy active moms more time on the trails.

5. Horny Toad Dizzy Dress
Just because we’re no longer flirting with “Mr. Right Now” at all-day music fests doesn’t mean us moms have abandoned our sassy, flirtatious selves. The all-cotton Dizzy is equal parts sexy and practical, with a breezy look, comfortable feel, and full-coverage fit. Slip it on post-run or pre-pool, and nobody will know you haven’t showered in days.

6. Polarmax TransDRY Cotton bikini brief and sleeveless scoop
Good news to expeditioners who like the feel of cotton—it no longer “kills.” With this proprietary cotton-blend technical layer, Polarmax just made your time in the outdoors 500 percent more comfortable. These technical pieces wick away sweat and don’t chaff (or chill you), but they’re made mostly of cotton. Plus, they’re cute, in a wholesome-girl-next-door way. The only reason to pull off these underlayers is to wash them.
$25 each;

7. La Sportiva Electron
La Sportiva’s newest trail runner adapts to the terrain so you get a stable, responsive, and cushioned ride whether you’re leaping boulders, kicking up dust on single track, or blazing off trail. It fits like a glove because the upper portion of the shoe is glued directly to the sole (uncommon for a trail runner).