This stuff will make grown men giddy

Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America

Meet the dude’s ultimate coffee table book. This upscale guidebook chronicles must-do descents from Aspen to Alaska, as chosen by local mountaineers.



Frends Classic

These pro-snowbaorder-designed headphones would look just as hip on a dude working on a laptop in a Park Slope cafe as they do chilling post-ride. And though they seem retro, the sound is quite contemporary.




Oh, do boys like gadgets. We also love to look at ourselves being badass in the wild. Countour melded the trend of GPS positioning with the trend of helmet cams and created the hottest outdoor electronic device of the year—a helmet cam that allows you to track and tag the action on a map back home.



Ski Logik Ullr’s Chariot

Ullr was the Norse god of skiing. He took no prisoners, ate with his hands, set things on fire and got down in the primoridal pow. Men want to be Ullr. This board can help.


Blundstone 560

Blundies were already the ultimate dude shoe, but they just got functional. The Australian brand that began making shoes for sheep shearers has come out with a waterproof version. Plus it’s lined with a cozy Thinsulate footbed and—get this—it’s oil and acid resistant. The only problem? We may never take it off.



Lemond Revolution Trainer

Your man is chomping at the bit for his bike all winter long so put him on this hi-tech gerbil wheel to keep him happy (and ready to put the hammer down on warmer days). Made for mountain and road bikes, Lemond’s new trainer uses direct drive instead of rollers, giving it a more natural feel and the ability to focus on proper pedal cadence.

$449 ($549 with cassette);


Moots Psychlo X

Why has ‘cross become so popular? We can get out for a burly, adventure-filled workout out the back door. We can feed our egos and batter our bodies on race days. We can play on a toy that’s tough to break. Well sometimes. Moots Psychlo X may cost a bit more than the standard ‘cross rig but it’s well worth it. The handmade titanium frame was designed to endure the slop and beating of ‘cross.

$3,025 (frame);


Tequila Avion

Once the provence of frat parties, amateur nights and  spring-break belly-button shots with cougars, tequila is now classy. Avión tops our list of tequilas with the gravitas of sigle malt scotch. It’s made from fine Blue Weber agave distilled in unique pot stills that feature copper coils. The final filtration process takes 10 times longer than traditional methods.



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