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Gear for Dudes

Turn that dirtbag of a man into something special with these holiday gifts.Gear for Dudes

1. Arc’teryx Veilance Field Blazer
Is your man the type who wears his softshell to an uppity East Coast wedding? Here’s one way to dress him up yet not offend his sense of ski-bum style. In a feat of bespoke athleticism, Arc’teryx’s new Veilance collection merges class with performance fabrics. This hip blazer is built with breathable, wind-resistant polyester and treated with a DWR finish for cocktail-party epics.

2. Pisco Portón
Now that tequila has evolved into a fine sipping spirit along the lines of single-malt scotch, it’s tough to find something new when it comes to classy booze, but give Pisco a try. Handcrafted in small batches, Pisco Portón is a high-end traditional Peruvian spirit made from three grape varieties that’s ideal for everything from mixology to just sipping chilled.

3. Wagner Custom Carbon Fiber
We dudes love carbon fiber in our bikes—but it’s never had the backbone to hold up in a pair of skis. But Wagner has developed a double-helix wrap construction that takes advantage of the light properties of carbon while staying strong enough for the pounding of a day on the slopes. Plus, these custom-made skis are crafted according to your man’s individual specs.
$1,750 and up;

4. Sweetgrass Productions’ Solitaire
Oh ski porn. You know—if we can’t be doing it we love to watch someone else doing it and think that we could do it just as well. And Sweetgrass turned ski porn into art in this now classic flick that’s just as much about the beauty of it all as it is the money shots. There’s no yakking from the athletes as they make their way across the landscapes of the South American continent, just the camera lovingly following them and soaking in the unique magic of each spot.
$28 DVD;

5. Petzl Pixa 3
Dudes like things that blow up, but we don’t like to be in the midst of said explosions. So we find it reassuring that this heavy-duty headlamp is up to HAZLOC standards, meaning it’s safe in explosive environments. It’s also resistant to chemicals, water, drops and blunt trauma. It’s the perfect light for all those DIY projects we keep putting off, like working on the plumbing in the crawl space.

6. B&W C5 In-Ear Headphones
It’s not easy to find earphones that can withstand the hectic pace of riding lifts, biking, running and other adrenalized outdoor pursuits. Here at EO we have tested a wide variety of sport headphones but none of them come close to the functionality and sound of B&W’s C5s. The ear loops go inside your ear instead of around the back, keeping them secure even on a bouncy trail run. But it’s that crisp, full sound of these headphones, made even better by the noise reduction provided by a micro-porous filter, that truly seals the deal.

7. Timberland Rime Ridge Duck Boot
Speaking of high school (at least for those of us who were there in the ‘80s), the duck boot is back! Timberland’s back-to-the-future version is tough enough to survive any slop the winter can dish out, thanks to a waterproof leather upper and Thinsulate insulation.

8. Eddie Bauer Expedition Flannel
Remember this when it comes to dude style—flannel never goes out of fashion. It even survived grunge. And this performance flannel will survive the rigors of an active life since it’s made from a fast-drying polyester.

9. BCA Float 18
All kidding aside, even with the best training and levelheadedness, backcountry skiing can be deadly. And while not foolproof, air bags like this new 6.5-pound,18-liter backpack from BCA can save someone trapped in a slide by rocketing them up to the surface, “like the hand of God,” as one Wyoming guide who deployed an air bag described it. That means it may be the single most important gift you give your man.

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